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Traitement stress post-traumatique Genève

Personal coaching

Situations: illness, accidents, work stoppage, burnout, dismissal, new orientation, crisis management. Everyone who has facing an inconvenient situation, a new and uncertain future. Categorie:  Relationship coaching; Performance coaching; Learning by action; Emotinal intelligence coaching; Health coaching, business; career, leadership coaching; Assessment tools.  Also online sessions  See pdf

Objective : Restoring the self-confidence and the skills of the participant. Increase motivation in the context of a return to employment. The discovery of the precise tools allows him to broaden his files of activity (cross-skills). See pdf

Result : A reduction in disabling factors by extending the participant’s unexplored resources. The participant regains a focus on the job market and will be able to develop a network that facilitates his reintegration opportunities.  See pdf 


Mobbing, harassment, violence, behavioural component: competition; cognitive component: values – priorities, modern technology: Minor tools can’t stop Major Problems; personality clashes, emotionally charges interactions. Re-organisation… new rules separate the way of thinking. New realties impact the relationships, the structure, the functionality and the order in a very deep meaning. See pdf

Goals : Conflict management when dialogue is no longer possible. An Art of creating a bridge between two or three protagonists.

Results : Developing the potential and creative resources of the protagonists. Professional communication. Productivities. Performances. Image and communication inside and outside.
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Personnel and HR Counselling. Hotline 24/24h when needed

See pdf

Social Insurances

Case- +care management
Knowledge in the field of social insurance provides an instruction of medical and “Assurance Invalidité” records. Also online sessions.

Objectif : Reduce wait times. See pdf

Result : A good vision of the record and its evolution making it easier to make decisionsSee pdf


Shock, accident, violence, difficult news, death, suicide, loss, grief and mourning, separation, abuse, hostage-taking

Objective : Prevent post-traumatic-stress symptoms. Medical, legal and hygiene information and recommendations. See pdf

Results : A good team collaboration and coordination. The recovery of self-confidence and the confidence in the institution. The resumption of activities as soon as possible. A good reputation inside and outside. See pdf
Individual and groups debriefing
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Crisis management

accident, crash, suicide, abuse, aggression, homicide, holdup : Also online sessions. see pdf

Crisis management: Intervention, debriefing, management and treatment of trauma and post-trauma PTSD, social insurances, counselling. See pdf
Cercle 1, 2, 3

Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment PTSD

Anyone who has suffered about a traumatic shock or situation :

Objective : To foster, to create a safe environment that promotes a revival if the person is ready, a grieving process and resilience. See pdf

Result : Regain the capacity for social and professional reintegration. Development of new skills following different operating mode.


Targeted training, seminars, conferences, in companies and universities, tailored according to demand and situation, and or specific courses within a pre-established programme

Objectif : Prevention, information awareness, communication, directive. See pdf
Result : A better integration of participants into a new context, a strengthening of working groups, a development of skills and attitudes regarding to a novel environment, a communication adapted both inside and outside. Reduction of risk factors, development of new potentials and opportunities. See pdf


Brainstorming groups around a topic of a specific impasse.
Students, team leader, manger, experts, project manager. See pdf

Objective : Prevention, preparation of a plan, establishment of a structure for the continuation of the elaborated projects.

Result : Teambuilding, stimulation of motivation, solidarity, a development of cross-skills, a real reduction of risks and disabling factors.