Soins post-traumatique Genève

Esther Baud, Ingénieure sociale, see pdf

Esther Baud comes from one of Switzerland’s most magnificent Baroque towns, Soleure. After graduating
from school and completing a Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Commercial Business, she took various trips abroad to enhance her language skills. In Geneva, she pursued university and artistic studies so as to achieve her personal and professional objectives.


Professional experiences :

Personnel counselling at Swissair/SAirGroup : assessing pilots and their ability to complete long-haul flights, treating and monitoring staff on long-term sick leave, debriefing, mediation, personal coaching, interview training for managers and senior managers, crisis management. Active intervention and support during the crash of flight 111 in Halifax and supporting victims’ families as well as treating the workforce during the grounding of Swissair/SAirGroup. Esther Baud operated on the front line, reporting directly to the general management at the SAirGroup. see pdf

Intensive and in-depth training on an internal basis at Swissair/SAirGroup : alcoholism, analysis and evaluation of dependencies at the company (Forelklinik in Zurich), mediation, specific debriefing and the treatment of traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress desordre (PTSD).Training provided by psychiatrists specialising in the neurosciences (Ch, USA, Canada).

Assistance for troubled teenagers.
EBM Consulting carries out important and continued efforts / assignments in the fields of personnel and short-term medical treatment (PTSD) for numerous companies, medical organisations and private individuals.

Specific missions : Europe, Near and Middle East (Lebanon during and after the war), United States and Canada 

Training and practice :

University studies in the arts, theology and social sciences, in social insurance at the HES Geneva .
Therapeutic coaching: Clinical Pastoral Training, treating traumatic stress and Post-Traumatic Stress Disordre, systemic constellations, medical histories, physical care and treatment, based on Western medicine and Oriental IOKAI Shiatsu (Do In: Japanese art based on breathing, working on release through physical and mental relaxation and endurance to improve concentration skills and boost stress management).
Ongoing training at the University of Geneva, Webster University, IOKAI, IECF and the SGfB, 50/70 h/year.

Development of artistic activities :

In-depth training in lyrical singing as well as classic and contemporary dance. Multiple concerts and performances in Switzerland and abroad from 2002-2013.