Gestion crise en entreprise Genève


Notice and anticipate.
When we noticean actual danger, it is often too late !

Anticipaiting and investing !

The following situations could arise tomorrow :                                                             
– You have to part company with an employee with more than 15 years’ service.


– You are faced with a delicate situation involving a change of status or duties for a valued member of staff. 


– You learn that one of your employees is in a family or financial situation that has become intolerable.


– You wish to prevent and anticipate mobbing and burn-out issues within your teams.


– You wish to provide psycho-social advice and care to staff absent from work.


– A serious incident, death or suicide occurs within the company. 

New horizons with the prinziple of reintergration and adaptation

PRS : a modern starting tool in an efficiency design system