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The Ingénieur social, using a technique refined according to the Canadian concept, specialised in individual and collective crisis management with the aim of encouraging a return to independence for those concerned within the shortest time possible.
The approach is based on various theoretical and scientific theories according to the composition of the training. The social engineer benefits from a long and in-depth interdisciplinary training at university level and is qualified to practise each discipline individually.
The method applied is practical, concrete and even perfectionist and this enables situations to be handled with the most compelling methodology possible.
This holistic and interactive approach puts the mental, physical, intellectual and artistic capacities of those involved to the test. The social engineer is adapt at making psychosocial and medical diagnoses. He has up-to-date knowledge of social insurance and the sequence of events.
This professional is able to immediately situate the person concerned in context to identify the post-crisis reality that the individual is required to confront. The expert operates within a network. He delegates to specialist official bodies, where the situation permits. He seeks to achieve success for all – the representatives and facilitators.
The Ingenieur social is committed to undertaking ongoing training, 50/70 hours per year Significant availability is needed which requires ongoing physical and mental training.During the follow-up, the subject will inevitably be affected by the ethical dimension of the choices made and the meaning which can be extracted from this experience so as to set a new goal in life. 
Financing requests are made by the client or private individual (outside of health insurance funds): namely, the employers, insurance for loss of income, disability insurance, physicians, psychiatrists and private individuals. This is a custom-made treatment and service.


Bringing our various units together will help to energize our offer in order to meet your needs in an even more efficient and targeted way it offers you a global solution tailored to our concept of prevention health risks.