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Médiation en entreprise Genève


To deal with the unexpected event. Also online sessions

Specialization: treatment of post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)

For whom ?
For anyone who has undergone or who is facing a delicate, troublesome, embarrassing, inextricable or unsolvable situation in life… See pdf
Why ?
Individual and collective prevention and crisis management. Loss of a loved one, unemployment, career change, family conflict, abuse, physical or mental aggression, accident, serious illness, making and communicating a difficult decision. See pdf
Where ?
Wherever a person’s immediate circle and the official authorities (companies, hospitals, the state etc.) are unable to help on their own. The services are provided on-site and/or at the offices of EBM Consulting. See pdf
Advice and activities: a rythm, an atmosphere, the art to create the memories… See pdf
1___ To support proceedings: ‘Social insurance legislation (insurance for loss of income, health insurance funds) is imposing increasingly short treatment deadlines on the insured person and physicians, there by reducing the possibility for the practitioner to explore the problem in more detail and place it within it’s broader context’.
2___ To motivate the employee and increase the awareness of the employer (who is also under pressure) and who, in turn, risks reducing their threshold of tolerance when faced with an employee undergoing a difficult situation in their personal or professional life…
3___ To enable the person in question to acquire specific tools to regain his/her independence and dignity within a reasonable time period, respecting his/her freedom and based on a mutual agreement. This involves intense work, mobilising all of the individual’s faculties at the same time.
4___ To encourage a process of grieving to optimise a plausible level of resilience with the aim of unlocking desire and finding it’s true destination by eliminating certain shrouds of uncertainty. See pdf